Influencer Marketing

After all, who better creates your content than the very people who already own relationships with your target audience?

The nature of these influencers will depend on your target audience. They are likely to be Instagrammers for health and fitness brands, while in the gaming market, they might be YouTubers, and for B2B brands, they may be industry thought leaders with large followings across LinkedIn and Twitter.

The Benefits Of A Great Influencer

Whether B2B or consumer, a significant influencer will reinforce your brand’s position and extend your reach across both social media and their email list (if they have one). In some cases, they may also be able to provide links back to your site from highly relevant domains, which can significantly impact your SEO.

However, the most crucial benefit is that it enables you to scale your content generation in terms of blog and image content and in a video that can otherwise be hugely expensive to do well.

Reinforce Brand Positioning

  • Blog Content
  • Extend Reach
  • Image Content
  • Provide Links
  • Video Content

Therefore, one of the first things we do is draw up a list of target influencers for your market that we believe not only carry considerable weight among your audience but also embody your brand’s personality and values.

The next step is to agree on specific contracts with each influencer to crystal clear what you can expect from them and what they can expect from you. This then enables you to build the influencer activity into your broader content calendar so that you can efficiently and consistently feature their content, from blog posts to videos, within each of your social media channels.

Influencer Marketing for B2b Brands

Influencer marketing tends to be thought of as an entire consumer-facing activity, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Influencers exist just as commonly within B2B sectors, and in many senses, they are easier to engage with. By identifying those experts or thought leaders within your market that harbour the insight you would like your brand to be associated with, you can scale your content production whilst reinforcing your brand’s position and expanding your reach among your target audience.


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